Rent a Rescue

Rent a rescue pony for your next party, photoshoot, or special event!

We believe in second chances and new beginnings....and so do our ponies. As a testament to our mission, all Party Pony proceeds are directed to the care and rehabilitation of our current and future rescues.

Rates and Services

Pony rides - For children 10 and under.

Petting and Grooming - Children may come pet and groom the ponies at their discretion.

Reading with Rescues - We will read children's books to your audience with our rescue ponies. 

Photoshoots - Take pictures with our ponies! (Photographer not included.)

Greet-the-Guests - Ponies will stand at entryway to help greet your guests. 

Beverage Distribution - Ponies will help distribute beverages to guests with saddlebag coolers. (Typically weddings and special events.)

Gender Reveals - Both male and female ponies to add a twist to your reveal!

Carriage Rides - COMING SOON!

Single Hand-Led Pony (1 pony)

First hour is $310 (Each additional hour for 1 pony = $150/hr)

1hr : $31

2hr: $460

3hr: $610

4hr: $760

5hr: $920 

6hr+: $1,070

Multiple Hand-Led Ponies (2 ponies)

First hour is $460 (Each additional hour for 2 ponies = $300/hr)

1hr : $460

2hr: $760

3hr: $1,060

4hr: $1,360

5hr : $1660

6hr: $1960

Reserve a Pony!

If you'd like to schedule a pony for your event, please contact us using the following methods:





Select a date/time you'd like to reserve a pony. We will contact you to confirm!